Organization Support

Meeting Arrangements, Documentation and Minutes

JRT Construction Services provides exceptional board and committee meeting experiences for its clients. Meetings are professionally presented, organized, efficient, and productive for meeting attendees.

You focus entirely on communicating with the meeting attendees, discussing agenda topics, ideas, and solutions, and accomplishing the mission of your meeting. Here’s how we’ll assist you:

  • Use of our facility (recently remodeled conference room, bathroom)

  • JRT makes all the arrangements including working with you to develop the meeting agenda, the number and type of meeting attendees, expectations for reservations, catering, and the date, time, and duration of meeting.

  • JRT prepares the agenda, exhibits, and financial reports.

  • JRT provides the necessary presentation equipment.

JRT Construction Service is focused on your needs.

JRT transcribes and prepares your meeting’s minutes to concisely capture the key elements and actions of the meeting. We can also provide a verbatim transcript of the meeting proceeds and an audio recording if necessary.

When you choose JRT Construction Services to help organize your important meetings, you can rest assured that your only focus will be on the presentation – we’ll take care of the rest. Simply contact us to learn more about the organizational services we provide.